8 Must-Do Things In ZhuoRui’s Quality Inspection Process

  1. Visual inspection: During this step, the inspector should carefully examine the mirror for any obvious defects, such as cracks, chips, or scratches.
  2. Measurement of dimensions: The inspector should measure the dimensions of the mirror to ensure that it meets the specified specifications.
  3. Verification of flatness: Using a straightedge or other flat surface, the inspector should check the mirror for flatness to ensure that it is not distorted in any way.
  4. Evaluation of surface finish: The inspector should assess the overall finish of the mirror, including its clarity, smoothness, and reflectivity.
  5. Testing for durability: The inspector should test the mirror for durability by applying pressure to it or attempting to scratch the surface.
  6. Checking for proper installation: If the mirror is already installed, the inspector should verify that it is properly secured and does not have any visible gaps or imperfections.
  7. Record-keeping: It is important for the inspector to document the results of the quality inspection, including any defects or issues that were identified. This information can be used to improve the manufacturing process and ensure that only high-quality mirrors are produced in the futur
  8. Drop Testing:A drop test is a method of testing the durability of a product by dropping it from a certain height and observing the extent of any damage. Here are the ZHUORUI general steps for conducting a drop test:
    • Determine the height and surface from which the product will be dropped. This will depend on the size and weight of the product, as well as the desired level of impact.
    • Secure the product so that it can be safely dropped without damaging the testing equipment or the surrounding area.
    • Using a stopwatch or other timing device, carefully drop the product from the predetermined height and onto the designated surface.
    • Observe the product immediately after the drop and note any visible damage or deformities.
    • If necessary, disassemble the product to assess any internal damage that may not be visible from the outside.
    • Record the results of the drop test, including the height from which the product was dropped, the surface it was dropped on, and the extent of any damage.
    • It may also be necessary to perform multiple drop tests at different heights and on different surfaces to get a comprehensive understanding of the product’s durability.


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