Zhuorui Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

Today I would like to share with you the exciting news that our company is celebrating its 20th anniversary! To celebrate this important milestone, we have chosen Thailand as the place for our celebration. Thailand, an exotic country, will provide us with an unforgettable journey.

Our team set foot on Thai soil early, full of anticipation and enthusiasm. First, we arrived at Phuket, a place known as paradise. With its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pleasant climate, we felt like we were in a dreamy world.

In Phuket, we had a big celebration. Everyone was dressed in bright costumes and smiles as we participated in various fun activities. 


During this trip, we not only celebrated our company’s achievements, but also deepened the cohesion and friendship between the team. We had a great time together and created unforgettable memories. The trip to Thailand not only made us laugh, but also strengthened our confidence and determination for the future.


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Tyson Lee

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