Round Framed Mirror

Decor Mirror Description

Product Overview

Framed bathroom mirrors can not only be a very bright decoration in your bathroom. At the same time, it is more comfortable for your mirror experience, because it has a light, so that your imaging effect will be clearer and more person-centric.


1. Shatterproof
2. Anti-fog, light dimmable
3. 5mm Copper free & environmentally friendly
4. Frosted glass edge
5. Sleek and modern profile
6. Easy installation
7. Suitable For Damp Bathroom Environments
8. High Hardness Glass

Please refer to the spec sheet for comprehensive product information, encompassing lighting, safety, installation specifications, power requirements, model numbers, and product rendering.

Framed Mirror Data Sheet

Frame 6063 Aluminum Frame
Mirror Thickness 4mm
Mirror Type 4mm Quality Glass with Silver Coating
Shape ; Customized shape
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